The Power of Slopes Premium

The Power of Slopes Premium

With or without an account, Slopes awaits you for free. But Slopes Premium takes your experience to a whole new level. From speed heatmaps, to virtual 3D mountains, to calculating things as specific as your best run — there's much to discover and dig in.

New! An awesome fitness section on the daily summary screen, including heart rate analytics. See how hard you really pushed yourself at a glance, with new fitness insights, available when you record with Apple Watch.

Slopes Premium Maps, Run-by-Run & Health Data

Speed Heatmaps & Run-by-run Replays

One of the first things you’ll notice is Slopes Premium is the 2D, 3D, Winter and Satellite Maps, which allow you to watch run-by-run replays in all their epic glory.

Relive the moments where you broke your record for top speed, or take a detailed look back at your day!

Detailed Performance Stats

There are tons of detailed stats for you to pour over while switching to Premium. Make use of the Run-by-Run Analysis to compares your runs side by side.

And Lift Identification gives you the names of your lift you’re using—which pulls info from over 350 supported resorts world-wide and counting!

Wear Your Heart on the Slope

Want to see how much your heart was racing on those moguls, or how hard you pushed yourself for the day? HealthKit has an awesome overlay applied to your timeline which shows heart rate data.

Slopes Premium - Health Kit Integration

The Next Dimension

This feature takes things to the next dimension, the third dimension. Using Slopes Premium 3D replays, you can watch your runs right on the screen, showing exactly what your speed and vertical looked like.

Slopes Premium - 3D Replays

Who Has Time to Wait?

No need to wait until the end of the day to check out your stats. Using a Premium Pass, you have access to estimates of your stats live throughout the day!

Pass it On

The way Premium Passes work for Slopes is that you have three different kinds to chose from, similar to how most resorts work:

  • Days & Trips: unlock all your premium features for the day you’re using it, or for the duration of that particular week-long trip. These features remain unlocked even after the pass expires!
  • Season Unlimited: unlock for your entire Logbook, even the days recorded before you got Premium, recurring yearly.

See for Yourself

Sounds like something you’d love to see? Hope you’ll consider giving us a try and going premium. Doing so allows Slopes to keep moving forward, adding even more features, and continuing to provide skiers and snowboarders everywhere with the app they know and love.

As always, thanks for your support. ✌️