NEW Slopes Pro Tip: Trips Planner

NEW Slopes Pro Tip: Trips Planner

You know that excitement of every new ski trip, the counting down on days, and the roll call of your friends?! Your weather app is set on key locations, your gear is prepped and tested, and there's the endless back-and-forth: "Are you coming? Who else will join?".

Upcoming Trips Planner is all about planning your next trips, and inviting friends and friends-of-friends to share in the hype. Trips let you keep tabs on the conditions of resorts you'll hit, who's coming or not, and who else was invited, all in one central place. We thought we could make it easy(er).

Adding Trips

Adding trips is easy. At the top of the Logbook, right under your Lifetime Stats, you will always have from now on Upcoming (Add Trip). Name your trip, set dates and locations (yes, adding multiple resorts is possible), save, and you're ready.

Slopes - Adding Upcoming Trip Flow

You can check anytime in the app current snow forecasts and conditions, or expand and study the terrain on 2D & 3D interactive maps (available for over 350 resorts worldwide).

Snow Forecast, Conditions, 3D Resort Map View for Trips Section

Or you can simply go to the next step and Invite your friends.

Inviting Friends

Some friends have Slopes. Some don't. Some friends have other friends who want to join. We tried to "cover this terrain" as much as possible with the first version of the feature.

You can add Friends directly on the Slopes app if they're already on your list, but you can also invite other people via link, or QR Code.

Invite Friends to Join Trip via Slopes App, Link, or QR Code


What started as a small gathering could become a fun, more extensive group. You might not have everyone's contact details, but friends who Join the trip can add new friends and family, too.

If you don't have Emma's sister or partner on your Friends list, Emma does, and she can share the fun.

Trip Owner Permissions

As a Trip owner (creator), you have complete control over who's getting in and out. You will be notified when someone adds a new person to the list, and you can revoke anyone's access.

Participant Permissions

Once you Join a trip you were invited to, you can invite other friends to join. Tap on the Invite icon to open up the screen with the invite options.

Please note, though, that you cannot cancel an invite. Only the creator of the trip is notified of new people joining and has the right to revoke someone's access.

Change of plans? Edit an Upcoming Trip

The Trip Owner (creator) is the only one who can edit Trip details, such as dates, name, or destination(s).

Edit an Upcoming Trip Preview

Destinations are locked for past trips as the actual recording data will supersede the initial plans. You can directly edit the recordings (activities saved) if something doesn't look right.

What happens during the trip?

For the duration of the trip, "Location Sharing" will automatically work for everyone in the group (if it's enabled on the recording screen). It is much easier than having to share friend links for a one-off trip, so you can quickly find each other on the mountain.

The "Rode With" tag will also work for all at the end of the day, to compare stats and brag about it at apr├ęs.

Counting Down Days

And for a little extra, The "Winter Memories" widget for your home screen will show a countdown to your next trip.