Tsugaike Mountain Resort, part of Hakuba Valley, becomes the home base for Slopes in Japan

Tsugaike Mountain Resort, part of Hakuba Valley, becomes the home base for Slopes in Japan

Our team is really passionate about winter sports, with some of us having relocated to be right in the middle of the action almost year-round. You can "find the Slopes guy" most of the winter in Colorado (clocking an average of 50 days per season when not coding on some awesome feature 🙃). We have a stronghold in Montana and another in Switzerland /the European Alps.

And, starting next season, our JaPow dreams come true, as Tsugaike Mountain Resort will be our home base in Japan 🙌. Slopes has just become the official partner of Tsugaike Mountain Resort, a partnership meant to bring Japan closer to you. The partnership will combine Tsugaike's abundant snow and authentic Japanese experiences with the innovative features of the Slopes app for an enhanced skiing experience for all resort visitors.

As the official partner app of Tsugaike Mountain Resort, Slopes' interactive map with official ski resort information will be available for free to all skiers within the resort. All the latest features, including lift operations and course maintenance status, will be available at Tsugaike Mountain Resort. Slopes will provide a fully customized digital map, including restaurant and DBD area safety information.

Also, all visitors to Tsugaike Mountain Resort will receive complimentary Slopes Premium vouchers, giving them access to advanced tracking features and detailed performance analytics. This initiative is part of our commitment to enhancing the skiing and snowboarding experience, providing guests with valuable tools to optimize their time on the slopes.

Tsugaike Mountain Resort, part of Hakuba Valley, is located north of the Hakuba mountains and is known for its high-quality, abundant powder snow (average about 400 inches / 10m of snowfall throughout the season). The charm of the resort lies in its authetic vibe, true to the Japanese experience, with natural thermal hot springs (onsen), a variety of traditional Japanese cuisine, and what we loved most is its diversity in catering for a wide range of skiers and snowboarders of various levels.

First of all, the sheer expanse of the slopes is impressive. For beginners experiencing winter sports for the first time, the spacious and gently sloped learning areas are particularly appealing. At the upper parts of the mountain, a variety of options are available for skiers and snowboarders seeking advanced challenges, including demanding courses, and tree runs in the famous Tsuga Pow DBD area.

Although our visit this season was in the first week of April, when Japan is getting into "sakura" spring mode, we still got plenty of action, a taste of Tsuga Pow, and some nice tree runs. For now we'll let you enjoy the scenery with these awesome shots from the Kauffman brothers, but stay tuned for more Japanese news and surprises when the new season starts.