Slopes Advent Calendar - Guess the Resort

Slopes Advent Calendar - Guess the Resort

For those who follow us on Insta, there's no need of introductions. Our Snow Shots correspondents, Justin and Travis Kauffman, are always there to delight with stunning photos, adrenaline shots, and crazy backflips every season.

They are "responsible for a chunk of that pretty content you see all over Instagram!" and combined between them, last season they skied more than 110 days, putting up 1,384,000 in vertical feet and spent a total of 5 days and 13 hours sitting on a chairlift (oof).

Funny stats aside, getting together all our adventures, we have a nice archive of pretty content. And as we're counting down to Christmas, waiting for that big fat pow to come, we said, why not hype it?

Wanna join our Slopes Advent Calendar Quest?

From December 1 to December 25, we will have one daily post on Instagram, some of them collaboratively, for you to guess the resort. We won't make it hard, but we won't make it easy either. The devil could be in the details :p.

All you need to do is be the first to correctly guess the resort in the post's comments section, and you get a Slopes Premium Annual voucher. As simple as that!

Make sure to check our daily feed on Insta, even for the fun of it. We'll take you on a snow tour around the US, Canada, the European Alps, or even maybe further away...

Couple of simple rules about the giveaway:

  • There will be one winner daily, first one to guess correctly, based on the timestamp of the comment. If multiple comments have the same first timestamp, of course, you're all going to be winners. No lucky draws and no mumbo-promo-jumbo stuff. It's just a quiz :).
  • You can only win once. If you already won and you're in for another round, the annual pass goes to the next in line. Fair and square, everybody has a chance.
  • We will DM you a voucher link that can be claimed very easy, if you have the Slopes app installed. But make sure we can DM you. If you have privacy setting that would stop Slopes from reaching out, send a simple DM to @slopesapp and we will reply.

Wondering who Justin & Travis are?

You can read more about them in our Snow Shots introductory post from two seasons ago.

Introducing Snow Shots by Slopes
Say Hello to our new team of Photo Correspondents! They will be the ones to indulge us this season with amazing stories on the snow.

But here's their cool recap on the last season

Hey Slopes fam!  It’s Justin and Travis Kauffman here for a new check-in. We are the Slopes ambassadors responsible for a chunk of that pretty content you see all over Instagram!

In total (and combined between us), last season we skied more than 110 days putting up 1,384,000 in vertical feet and spent a total of 5 days and 13 hours sitting on a chairlift (oof).  We managed to visit 9 different resorts and got out into the backcountry a handful of times.  Here’s a recap from our favorite moments of the year!

A New Resort We Fell in Love With: Revelstoke, BC

We actually visited this resort for the first time last year, but managed to pick a wet, rainy, and completely fogged in day so we did about 3 laps and called it. But this year, we managed to time our visit with not only a fresh pow day but also some rare sunshine.

Revelstoke is known for its unreal storms and puts up some pretty impressive stats in terms of vertical drop, total snow, and epic terrain. More times than not it is usually semi encased in storm clouds but once the clouds open up the views are breathtaking. The mountain really does offer a ton of insane cliff zones and fun jumps and jibs around the trees. The mountain also has big plans for a ton of expansion to nearby zones, so it’s only going to get more and more epic as the years go by.

Our Favorite Day of the Year

In late January we got a very special invitation to go ski at the world class Yellowstone Club situated in the mountains of Big Sky, Montana. To our delight, it was also looking promising that our visit was going to align with a storm.. and boy did we time that right. That morning, the resort reported a record breaking 27 inches of fresh cold smoke and all that new snow paired with an epic venue and near non-existent lift lines made for one of the most magical days of skiing we’ve experienced. Maybe in our entire lives. It made us think we were in our own little Japan or 2023 Salt lake!

There was no shortage of yips, yews, and hollers galore as well as a solid amount of cliff drops, accidental tomahawks, and powder mustaches! It was a real treat to get to experience that trademarked Private Powder in a pristine Rocky Mountain wonderland.

The End-of-Season Celebration: POND SKIM!

What’s the best way to bring a season to and end?  Pond Skim!  This year we teamed up with our younger brother and decided to dress up as a Mariachi Band (complete with instruments) and attempt something that has never been done before (at our local resort at least)—drop in together and attempt to skim three people simultaneously.  

After settling some nerves up top, we’re happy to say that our mission was… a success!  We progressed past the first round, ended up going off the jumps in the second round, and Travis even successfully completed the third round which meant going switch (backwards) across the pond! The final round was basically a guaranteed crash and made the remaining contestants launch off the jump switch—ultimately resulting in a second place finish (a close loss, but the guitar survived!).  Even with a second place finish, we all three managed to win best costume this year! A fitting way to wrap things up!

And that brings us to an end.  We’re incredibly stoked for this season and want to visit a bunch of new resorts.  Where do you think we should go next??

Justin Kauffman: You can sneak a peek at his work at, and you can find him on Instagram: @justindkauffman, Youtube, Twitter, and TikTok.

Travis Kauffman: If you want to get inspired, check out You can also find him on Instagram: @babytraven, Twitter, or TikTok.