What's New: Recording Just Got Smarter

What's New: Recording Just Got Smarter

For this update, I’ve got some exciting new features to share which are going to make your experience using Slopes even easier and more efficient. From Timeline Editor features to Auto Smart Features, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive in to all the improvements that make it so you’ll never have to babysit the app while it’s running.

New "Auto" Smart Features

The best part about many of these updates is that they were suggested by users like you, because who knows better how the app can be improved than the folks using it every day?

First, there’s an update that’s exclusive to the Watch app: auto-resume. Now when you pause, you can change the settings so the Watch app can automatically continue your recording after 30 or 60 minutes. This can be super helpful if you know you might forget to continue recording after a longer break.

As for the main app, Slopes now auto-pauses if you are still recording after midnight, just in case you accidentally forgot to stop recording for the day. It forces you to start a new recording, since your activities shouldn’t carry over into the next day. (That is what Trips are for!)

Also important to note, if the app ever crashes while you were recording a run, it now auto-resumes after the app relaunches. This prevents issues in the rare instance that Slopes might mysteriously pause during a crash.

And lastly for these updates, for those of you who use HealthKit, entries will now only be made for activities recorded via Slopes. They will no longer be created for manual activities or imports

The Timeline Editor Features

Slopes's Timeline Editor is the home on the app for all your lift and run adjusting needs. You can utilize it to remove, add, or make any necessary changes to any of your detected lifts or runs from the day. And now it has even more capabilities!

For one, there’s a new Split tool. This helps out with splitting your activities into two in case you kept recording between runs. When you’re going through checking the info for your day, you can find the Split tool unter your Edit options.

In addition to Split, I’ve made some changes to the Merge tool, which now displays as a separate option on the Edit screen. So now instead of getting prompted to merge runs automatically, you have the control to go in and trigger it, which makes using the tool even easier and more efficient.

One cool addition is that the map shown in your Timeline Editor features an overlay called “known lifts”. As you near either the start or end of any of these known lifts, you get a subtle jolt of haptic feedback to let you know!

And lastly, the Timeline Editor now also features the ability to bulk delete any accidentally recorded lifts or runs, so that way its easy to remove all those car rides home where you forgot to stop running the app.

Bonus, there are 4 more alternate icons for Premium users. Make sure you check out the skier and snowboarder variants!

Slopes App Ski & Snowboarding Icons

I hope you enjoy these new features, and as always, please feel free to recommend any features you think could improve your Slopes experience. It’s always great to hear from our users on ways we can make Slopes even better.