Get Started with Slopes

Get Started with Slopes

Uncover a wealth of data about your days skiing and snowboarding, ride with friends, log your memories together, and replay your winter adventures. With a no BS interface, Slopes uses a range of smart features to deliver detailed breakdowns and recaps of your days on the mountain. To learn more about how to get started, read on.

1. Start with Smart Recording
2. Finished your last run? Recap That.
3. Edit Your Day
4. Friends Leaderboard
5. A Look at the Logbook

Start with Smart Recording

Hit record once, and Slopes will automatically detect lifts and runs for you all day long.

Visit the record tab in the app, select your activity type, and Slopes will figure out everything in the background (even what resort you're at, assuming you have cell reception). You can choose skiing, snowboard, monoski, splitboard, sit-ski, telemark, and more.

Slopes Ski Tracking - Start Recording

The app works wherever you are, no cell reception required! And when you decide to grab lunch, catch a shuttle, or take a break and don’t want to mess with your stats? Simply press Pause, so the app saves some battery while it waits.

And if you try to start a recording via iPhone and you have the Watch app installed, it'll automatically start it there for you. You can pause-resume-finish recordings on your Watch via iPhone, too.

Find My Friends on the Mountain and Live Recording Maps

Slopes supports live Location Sharing so you’ll never lose your friends on the mountain again. On the full screen recording maps you can easily see where you are and how to find each other!

Find My Friends & Premium Live Recording Maps

Enable the new "Find Me" option on your device when you start recording. And once enabled, you can see your friends recording at that same resort (if they enabled it too), and they can see you.

This does rely on the cell data to work, so poor reception can lead to outdated location for you and your friends. Just so you know, it’s not us, it’s 👉📶.

The feature is free and it's built with privacy in mind. No one can see your location unless they are your friend in Slopes and also recording at the same resort (or backcountry within 2 miles). And you can turn it off at any time, to go incognito.

Finished your last run? Recap That.

Done for the day? Hit Stop, and Save your activity.

All recordings can be found in the Logbook, and will be listed as Activities. The  details from your day appear here, where you can also play with an interactive timeline and map, showing stats for every run and lift you did that day!

Slopes Ski Tracking - Activities

The absolute favorite about daily recaps is what pops up when you tap on the Show More pointers: that's the Timeline. It is a full replay of your day with an interactive map at the top and a time scrubber at the bottom. This part of the app allows you to fully replay your runs on the map, swipe and zoom your way through the day you just had, and compare runs.

Slopes Ski Tracking - Activity Timeline

*Keep in mind the additional features on this screen, like detailed run-by-run stat breakdowns, are only available through Slopes Premium.

Edit Your Day

Want to make changes to your day? The Timeline Editor is the tool that allows you to make adjustments.

Left it running after getting back to the car? Trim that time off. Forgot to start recording at the start and want to go add in the time you missed? Easy! Simply tap on Edit, and everything else stems off from there.

Slopes Ski Tracking - Timeline Editor

Friends Leaderboard

Make your days out on the snow even better when you use the app with friends. Add friends you ride with to your account, and you’ll be able to do things like find each other on the mountain, challenge one another, or just track how everyone did, and pat each other on the back.

Slopes Ski Tracking - Friends

Slopes cares about your privacy. Only you can add fellow riders to your recording, and there is no public facing activity that shares your information. The only folks who can see your stats are the friends you know and add.

Check your private leaderboard so you can tease, brag, comment over your fails and high five each other over your achievements!

A Look at the Logbook

The Logbook groups your runs by Season. So if your daily long totals isn’t enough, you can take a peek at your Season Stats, to see how you did over the course of an entire chunk of the year.

Trips are a big part of your Logbook. At the end of your first trip day, add the activities to a new Trip, and then Slopes will take care of the rest! Hit the "+" button in the top right of the Logbook to make a trip.

Each Trip will have its own summary view that contains all your stats, and ways you can share those with your friends beyond the app.

Slopes Ski Tracking - Seasons & Trips

There's an App(le Watch) for That

Using Apple Watch? Link Slopes with your Watch and you won't need to check the phone to see how you’re doing. Using the Watch allows you to track—in real-time—your heart rate, calorie estimates, and more.

Read more about the Slopes version for Apple Watch here: Slopes on Watch. Or discover our Pro Tips for Apple Watch.

Hey Siri start Slopes

Starting your workout in Slopes…
Hey Siri start Slopes

Raise your wrist and give the Watch a command, and BAM! You’re launching the app while your phone stays nice and cozy in your pocket. Ask Siri to Start, Pause, Resume, or End your recording.

The best part is that Slopes goes easy on your phone AND the Watch battery. You don’t have to worry about either dying mid-day, while you still have runs to make.

(PS, Don’t forget that even if you don’t have the Watch, you can still use Siri on your iPhone with these same commands.)

Your Bests deserve the honor of your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter feeds!

Have a run with impressive stats, or a photo of you and friends on the trail that you just can’t wait to share? Slopes makes it easy to share your achievements to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. (Bonus Pro Tip: you can use the VS share card if you manage to one up your friends.)

Find Slopes on Instagram and Twitter for quick news and updates: @slopesapp.

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