Slopes Pro Tip: Record on Apple Watch

Slopes Pro Tip: Record on Apple Watch

Recording using your Watch is easy, just tap the resort you're at after you launch Slopes and you're all set.


  • You have a Watch, so you likely care about fitness! Grant Slopes access to read / write the data requested so it can contribute to your rings.
  • I'd recommend keeping your phone with you. Check out the Battery Life Pro Tip, but TL;DR: you'll save a lot of battery.
  • When you record via your Watch you won't see anything on your iPhone until you save your day. After that, the day will get imported and you can edit it to add notes, photos, or even adjust runs and lifts with the Timeline Editor.

Do I Need My Phone?

Processing of your day happens on your Watch when you start your day there.
While you can technically leave your phone behind, I don't recommend doing so for two reasons:

  • The Watch battery is dramatically improved with your phone still in your pocket. Watch is smart and will use your phone's GPS instead of its own when it can, dramatically saving battery. With your phone in a pocket you can expect the Watch to easily last all day, where-as without the phone you'll likely see closer to 6 or 7hrs of battery before it dies.
  • The GPS in the iPhone is also a bit more accurate, especially with altitude data. Keeping your phone with you means you get the most accurate data. In the thorough testing I did of Slopes on Watch I found keeping the iPhone near by ensured accurate metrics, and also had an easier time keeping reliable data.

How Do You Calculate Calories Burned?

If you're recording via Watch, Slopes is relying on Apple's estimates which combine the heart rate sensor and motion events, and knowledge about you from HealthKit (like age, weight, etc). They put a ton of research into those estimates, so we're trusting them. To ensure you get calorie estimates via your Watch, make sure your Watch band is tight and you have direct skin contact so it can pick up on your heart rate.

If you record via iPhone there's a more generic algorithm that estimates calories burned based on your time on runs. Note, this does not use the heart rate sensor, so it can't account for how hard you rode, like Apple's estimates do.

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