Slopes Pro Tip: Connect to Strava

Slopes Pro Tip: Connect to Strava

While Slopes itself does not include public facing profiles, that’s not to say you shouldn’t have the chance to shout your stats from the rooftops if you like. That’s why I’ve created an easy integration with Strava, so you can easily share you daily recaps to your feed there. Here’s how to link the two up…

  • Once you’ve created a Slopes account, tap the My Account tab
  • Then click More → Settings → Online Services → Upload Activities to Strava
  • After you link them up, your activities will automatically post to your Strava feed without you needing to lift another finger

With that, Slopes will automatically upload your recorded days to Strava where you'll be able to see all your stats in your feed, and you'll receive segment credit for your days skiing. Strava Summit subscribers will see thieir GPS tracks on a winter-themed map.

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