Slopes Pro Tip: Import Activities

Slopes Pro Tip: Import Activities

Waiting for fresh powder?

Got some downtime while waiting for that fresh snow to fall? Why not take a few minutes to import your data from other apps that are compatible with Slopes? This way you can have all your epic winters in one place.

The data from any of the following apps can be effortlessly imported to Slopes: Trace/Alpine Replay, Ski Tracks, Snoww, or other GPX files.

Step by Step, App by App

  • Trace / Alpine Replay can export GPX via their web interface. Head to, log in, and select which days to export.
  • Ski Tracks lets you export files in the .skiz format, that can be imported to Slopes.
  • Snoww lets you export to GPX, which Slopes can import.
  • Sadly SnoCru did not provide a way to export your recorded data.

GPX Import Requirements

For those who might not be as familiar, GPX files are files that have been exported from stand-alone GPS devices (like a Garmin). In order to be compatible, the files must have these important items of data: latitude, longitude, altitude, and time. You’ll find the accuracy of the data is even better when the file includes vdop and hdop data, aka, vertical and horizontal accuracy.

How to Import

  • Just use AirDrop to send the file from your computer.
  • If you have more than one file to import: You can AirDrop all the files at once from your computer. Drag all the files onto your phone in the finder (via the AirDrop folder in the sidebar) and pick Slopes on your phone.
  • You can also use iTunes File Sharing to import a bunch of activities at once, too. Follow Apple's guide to get started.


  • Email the file to yourself, tap the attachment, and pick "Open in Slopes." Slopes will process and import the GPS data as an activity.
  • If you've saved the file to your iCloud Drive, you can hit the plus button in the top right of the History tab to bring up the document picker to import it.

Note: Slopes as an "Open In" destination has a chance to be broken by iOS 13 when it comes to GPX files, depending on what other apps you have installed. This issue is breaking many apps with GPX imports, not just Slopes. Airdrop will work fine, it's when you use email or iCloud Drive that Slopes will not be guaranteed to be an "Open In" destination. There is a whole thread of us outdoor-activity app developers being told by Apple that there is nothing we can do to immediately fix the issue. I've followed their suggestion and included it as part of v2019.16. My official recommendation is to use AirDrop.

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