Slopes Pro Tip: All-Day Battery Life

Slopes Pro Tip: All-Day Battery Life

iPhone Tips for Great All-Day Battery Life

When no other apps are running behind the scenes, an iPhone with a good battery life can typically get up to 14 hours on a full charge. But even the best laid plans..., right? Here’s some ways you can make it last longer:

  • Social Slopes: No one will keep you off the internet, but you can save some time from social media channels & music streaming apps, as they can be a serious drain to battery.
  • Warm Enough: Be careful not to place your phone beneath too many layers, as that can mess with GPS, but also stow it in a warm enough place that the cold doesn’t zap it.
  • Lock it Up: Make sure to lock your phone when you begin recording. This way Slopes can run all it needs to behind the scenes, without needing to use up the battery power of your screen.
  • Keep It Off: Turning off cell data once you’ve begun a run is a huge savior to your battery. Just make sure not to put it in Airplane mode as this can potentially degrade your GPS accuracy.

Battery consumption is something that’s always on my radar with the app, and I’m always testing new ways we can improve. Latest tests show that the iPhone app typically takes up about 7% of battery life per hour. For these tests, I implemented the battery saving option of point one (turning off all background apps) while ignoring the advice of point four (keeping the cell data ON during the run).

Apple Watch Advice

Here’s some additional pointers for how to extend the life of the Watch to the fullest.

The most important thing you can do is keep your phone on your person even while recording through the Watch. When the two are paired like this, the Watch knows to leave the heavy lifting (like GPS tracking) to your phone, while the watch does what it does best, and monitors that heart rate. That'll almost double the battery life of the Watch!

That’s about all I’ve got for now for tips and tricks on battery life, but if you’re got any of your own that you’ve found, please feel free to share!

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