Slopes Pro Tip: Edit Your Day

Slopes Pro Tip: Edit Your Day

Want to make changes to your day? The Timeline Editor is the tool that allows you to make adjustments to already inputted data, even after you’ve finished a day.

Putting You in Control

The Timeline Editor puts the power into your hands to add, edit or delete activities within the app. Left it running after getting back to the car? Trim that time off. Forgot to start recording at the start and want to go add in the time you missed? Easy! Simply tap on Edit, and everything else stems off from there.

Slopes Ski Tracking - Edit Activity

Here are some more specific examples of the capabilities you can play with.

Lifts & Runs

While Slopes is great at its main function of detecting lifts and runs, nothing is perfect 100% of the time. You might notice some issues if…

  • Your run wasn’t long or tall enough
  • You rode downhill on a lift
  • Your GPS signal dropped out for too long

Fixing mis-categorized runs, and missing lifts and runs are two of the easiest things to tweak. All you need to do is tap the red (run) and black (lift) boxes to edit or remove them. If the app missed recording one of your lifts or runs, simply tap the blue + button and voila! It’s there!

Having it in this view also lets you know if the issue you ran into was GPS related. If there wasn’t any GPS data at the time, or you were dealing with some difficulties with connecting, you’ll see distinct breaks in altitude lines above those specific blocks. Usually that happens if you stand around and don’t move for a while, but there’s always these other GPS Pro Tips for you to use if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for here.

Merging & Splitting

Another great tool is the Merging tool, which allows you to combine separate runs into one. Tap different rows from specific runs to merge them into an activity, but keep in mind—you can only combine runs from the same day at the same resort. If you go to a different resort over the course of a trip, those won’t be mergeable.

It’s also important to note that if you recorded with your Apple Watch, your activities will automatically merge for any runs that take place at the same resort in the course of a Trip.

And lastly, there’s the Splitting tool! This one is all in the name—it allows you take your activities and divide them in two, so you can have them listed as separate runs.

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