Time to Hit the Slopes - What's New for the Winter Season 22/23

Time to Hit the Slopes - What's New for the Winter Season 22/23

The winter ski season is starting already, so keeping with tradition we’re here to kick off the season with a new release.

First: Slopes Adds Garmin Integration

Slopes teams up with Garmin, so you can see your ski lines on snowy mountains, replay your day on interactive timelines, and enjoy all the features you love in Slopes, while keeping (just) your Garmin on your wrist.

Slopes x Garmin Integration

No need to record from your phone anymore (unless you’re riding with friends and you want the "Find Me" feature active). The next time you're on a ski trip, simply use the Garmin ski or snowboard activity on your Garmin smartwatch.

All completed activities uploaded to Garmin Connect will instantly sync to Slopes, so you can streamline your ski adventures. How does it work? More details here.

What's New on iOS

Two iOS 16 features caught everyone's attention this year, and you can make the most out of both of them with Slopes.

Will it snow? Stay in the loop with the iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets.

Slopes comes directly to your Lock Screen, with the perfect set up for every snow-eater. Keep tabs on your favorite resort, on Snow Forecast and Resort Conditions, at a glance!

Slopes iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets

Here's the quick guide on how to set up your iPhone lock screen for the winter.

We call for "Gloves ON" with Live Activities on your Lock Screen.

Now you can track your progress in real-time, with stat previews directly on your Lock Screen. Gloves off to sneak a peek at your stats during the day? 🥶Pfft. Not anymore!

We actually took the Live Activities one step further, and made it CUSTOMIZABLE for you. Pick the stats that matter most, from vertical, distance, speed, number of runs, and more.

Slopes iOS 16.1 Live Activities & Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island support. On iPhone 14 Pro models Slopes will live up in the Dynamic Island. It's so much easier to check stats and nearby friends at a glance, or pause-resume when taking a break.

What's New on Android

Our goal with Android has always been Feature Parity with the iOS app, and we’ve been busy over the summer! Android is kicking off this season with two major features, and a ton of little things.

Health Connect & Google Fit Integration: If you're using an Android wearable or any other device that pushes data to Google’s Health APIs, Health Connect can sync this fitness data into Slopes.

There's an awesome new fitness section on the daily summary screen, including heart rate analytics for Slopes Premium users. See how hard you really pushed yourself at a glance with fitness insights, if data is available through Google Fit, Samsung Health, and more. The timeline screen’s heart rate graph now shows the recorded heart rate as you scroll through your day.

Slopes for Android - Fitness Section

Compare Runs: You know when you do the same run a few times and you push yourself a little harder that last time? Now it is super easy to see the results of your efforts! Premium users can bring up two runs side-by-side and compare them in detail.

Slopes - Compare Runs Feature

Even cooler, this will also work with friends you rode with. See who is sustaining the best speed, taking the most breaks, and more.

Bonus! Slopes Merch Store is coming to Android. Record with Slopes to unlock exclusive merch, based on your achievements.

Teaser - Save the Date

After a marathon like no other, last year we announced a major update: Find My Friends on the Mountain & Live Recording Maps. We had an amazing response from ya'll and we continue down this line with improvements and more more more more interactive maps.

While up to now you could ride on interactive trail maps at many resorts in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, in early December we’ll announce the release of a new shiny batch of maps, for Europe, more US, and Japan.

Interactive Trail Maps - Slopes Recording

We continue to work and progress in covering top ski areas around the world, so if your favorite resort isn't mapped just yet, there is a chance it might be next.

That’s it for this kickoff update. Enjoy the start of your season!